REI Celebrates 25th Anniversary with New Location and Expansion into Global Market


REI Automation is celebrating 25 years designing and building custom industrial equipment including assembly lines, robotic cells and special-purpose machines.

The company has experienced steady growth over the past two decades and recently expanded its facilities at its main 8-acre campus in Columbia, South Carolina with the building of a new 14,000 square foot state-of-the-art machine development center. The new assembly hall features an 80-foot wide ten-ton bridge crane designed specifically for the fabrication of larger production lines. This new facility will assist the company in creating its integrated systems for the automotive, medical, nuclear, heavy vehicle, communications, energy and consumer goods markets.

“In an industry like ours that requires us to continuously develop technical solutions for our customers, it’s hard to have staying power,” said Grant Phillips, President of REI Automation. “But our employees are smart and hardworking. They are invested in the success of our company, and that ensures our machines are of the highest quality.”

With this milestone REI also announces a second location in Chattanooga, Tennessee to serve customers in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

A separate division of the company, REI Nuclear LLC in Columbia and REI Nuclear Europe Ltd in Gloucester, England, provides decommissioning and dismantlement services to the nuclear industry.

The company is thankful for its dedicated employees and for the commitment of longtime customers who have helped the company reach this anniversary. “We don’t know what kind of automation solutions we’ll be bringing our customers in the next quarter century,” Phillips says. “We do know we’re already looking forward to it.”

About REI Automation

Established in 1990, REI Automation specializes in designing and building custom industrial equipment and integrated machine systems for the automotive, nuclear, heavy vehicle, communications, energy and consumer goods markets. Using cutting edge technology, the company’s highly experienced in-house engineers and technicians apply their expertise in integrating industrial robots, vision systems, laser markers, servomotion, leak testing, torque drivers, fluid dispensing welding and other technologies to provide solutions for the applications customers demand. The company is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, where its design and assembly facility is located. A second location in Chattanooga, Tennessee serves customers in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. Separate divisions, REI Nuclear LLC in Columbia, South Carolina, and REI Nuclear Europe Ltd in Gloucester, England, provide decommissioning and dismantlement services to the nuclear industry.