REI Automation and Technical Concepts, LLC join to create REI Nuclear, LLC

REI Automation pioneered mechanical segmentation of large radioactive components beginning in 1999 by partnering with MOTA Corporation, now Siempelkamp Nuclear Services.  REI provided machine design and build services to create innovative machine tool designs that have become the standard in the nuclear decommissioning and dismantlement industry.  In 2013, REI Automation and Technical Concepts, LLC have created a joint venture as REI Nuclear, LLC.  REI Nuclear’s CEO, former MOTA Corporation President Ron Mencarelli, has created a team of nuclear industry experts to combine with the machine development expertise of REI Automation.  REI Nuclear is the pioneer and most broadly-experienced mechanical segmentation company in the nuclear industry.

The Company will rely on the many years of experience and knowledge of its principal shareholders, management team and technical support staff to accomplish its goals. REI Nuclear’s founders and key support staff have direct experience in the founding and operation of several successful nuclear service companies. This direct experience will enable REI Nuclear to have an immediate and positive impact on the challenges facing our customers where experience and commitment is the key to success.

The Company will focus on engineering, design, fabrication, testing and delivery of specialty segmentation, dismantlement and material handling equipment that can be applied to Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) projects, Large Component Size Reduction, Waste Management, Material Handling and other special uses as defined by our customer needs.


  • Argonne National Lab Cyclotron Segmentation
  • Harvard University Cyclotron Segmentation
  • Big Rock Point Grid Bar Removal
  • Millstone Grid Removal
  • SMUD Reactor Internals Segmentation
  • Parr Reactor Internals Segmentation
  • Fermi Reactor Component Segmentation


Ron Mencarelli, CEO
Mr. Mencarelli has over 40 years of experience in the Nuclear industry, including extensive management, decontamination and decommissioning, fixed based waste processing facility operation, and specialty equipment design, fabrication, testing and deployment. Mr. Mencarelli has founded and managed six companies, including Alaron Corporation and MOTA Corporation.

Grant Phillips, President
Mr. Phillips is a proven leader with 25 years of experience, including engineering and operations management experience with GE Aircraft Engines, GE Energy and Goodrich Aerospace. He is also the President of REI Automation, Inc., a leading supplier of industrial automation equipment.

Marty Carson, Board Member
Mr. Carson has over 45 years of experience in the nuclear industry, including: extensive executive management experience; regulatory compliance; waste management; and, design, construction, start‐up and operation of complex waste processing facilities. Mr. Carson was a co‐founder of Pacific Nuclear Systems, Inc. and a founder of Stusdvik, Inc.

Mike Anderson, Operations Manager
Mr. Anderson was most recently the Manager of Engineering at Siempelkamp Nuclear Services and has been directly responsible for the Engineering and Planning for several decommissioning projects including those at Plumbrook, Argonne, Lawrence Livermore and Hanford National Laboratories, Reactors at the University of Michigan, Millstone, Rancho Seco, Parr, Fermi and Zion.

Paul Brown, Engineering Manager
Mr. Brown is a proven technical leader and innovative designer of many patented equipment systems, including the segmentation equipment used to dismantle reactor internal components at multiple sites across the USA. He has 25 years of engineering and engineering management experience with GE Aircraft Engines and Rockwell Automation. He is also the Vice President of Operations for REI Automation, Inc.