Zion (IL)

REI developed the segmentation plans and the machine conceptual designs used for the Zion reactor internals removal that is current in-process.

Fermi (MI)

REI designed and built remote-controlled equipment to remove the internals of the Fermi nuclear reactor.

Parr (SC)

REI designed and built remote-controlled equipment to remove the internals of the Parr nuclear reactor.


REI designed and built remote-controlled, underwater equipment to remove the reactor internals at the Rancho Seco nuclear plant.  The equipment provided included a reciprocating saw, a circumferential saw, a three-axis milling machine and plate pullers.

Big Rock (MI)

REI designed and built a special crane-mounted mechanical cutting saw to cut the stainless steel fuel grid bars in the dismantlement of the Big Rock nuclear reactor.

Millstone (CT)

REI designed and built the saw and chip collection systems using to remove the fuel grid from the Millstone nuclear reactor.  A full-scale mockup was built at REI’s facility for process development and operator training.

Harvard (MA)

REI provided the equipment used to segment the cyclotron on the campus of Harvard University.  This second-generation reciprocating saw eliminated air borne radioactive waste associate with thermal cutting.  The blade design and machine tool configuration became the industry standard.  REI-designed blades and reciprocating equipment has been used to segment nuclear reactors at SMUD Rancho Seco, […]

Argonne National Lab (IL)

REI pioneered the process of reciprocating mechanical segmentation of large radioactive components.  The cyclotron at Argonne National Laboratory was segmented into blocks for removal from the site using REI-designed equipment.