rei-misc-01REI uses the latest 3D solid-modeling CAD technology for all mechanical designs.  This capability provides our customers with the ability to visualize a machine system even before the first component is manufactured.

REI provides state-of-the-art electrical control systems for our turn-key machines and as retrofits to replace or upgrade obsolete control systems.  REI’s staff is experienced in electrical system design, PLC programming, electric motor drive system installation, and electrical panel fabrication.  Our machine systems often utilize a PC or PLC-based touchscreen operator interface, which has been custom designed for the application.

REI in-house capabilities also include precision machining and electro-mechanical assembly.  Our machinists and toolmakers utilize both conventional and CNC machining equipment.  REI’s CAD-CAM software is used to create CNC programs directly from SolidWorks CAD files.  Our CNC milling capability has been expanded to include a gantry-mill capable of producing machined plates up to 5 feet wide and 10 feet long.  Our machining capabilities allow us to cost-effectively produce complex components for our automation projects within the tight time schedules that are sometimes required by our customers.

REI provides contract manufacturing services to build automated kiosk machines for Lowe’s stores throughout the USA.  This project for Levolor blinds included not only designing an automatic window blind machine, but also producing hundreds of the machines using a custom-developed lean production cell.  REI employees were granted numerous patents for this innovative product.

REI’s internal quality system is ISO 9001:2015 registered with American Systems Registrar.  Our quality system insures that each project not only meets the requirements of the contract and referenced specifications/standards, but it also insures that our work is performed in an orderly manner.  Our systems guarantee that project status is consistently communicated throughout the project.